Statue of Mary cries tears of BLOOD. THIS is what we think her WARNING is

Catholics in Guadalajara say a statue of the Virgin Mary is weeping blood. The small statue appears to have her cheeks caked in a dark red substance that looks like drying blood. Those who have seen it say it is a miracle.


The shocking sight was filmed by a Mexican news crew at an undisclosed church.

The location of the statue is being keep quiet to prevent the church from being overrun with people seeking blessings.

Some of these miraculous claims are hoaxes, but others are truly inexplicable and defy scientific understanding. Many miracles have been associated with such occurrences as if Our Lady is verifying her authenticity.

But what is her message? What does Our Lady mean by appearing in this way? Is the appearance of tears and blood a warning? Neither tears or blood are normally associated with anything positive.

What is her warning?

If we recall Our Lady of Fatima, who issued a powerful warning just a century ago, we must pray for the conversion of hearts. This has been her consistent plea throughout history. Pray for the conversion of hearts!


What is her message? It is always the same. Pray for the conversion of hearts!

Have you prayed the Rosary today?

It remains impossible to study and verify the weeping statue in Guadalajara because it is being hidden, but we do not need any apparition to know what Our Lady is trying to tell us. She spoke clearly at Fatima.

We must pray for the conversion of hearts!

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