Our Lord’s Revelations And Prophecies To St. Bridget (Birgitta) Of Sweden 2


Our  Lord  Jesus  Christ’s  words  to His bride  about  how  she  should not  fear or  think  that the revelations  told  to her  by  Him come  from  an  evil  spirit, and about  how  to  discern an evil spirit from a good one. 

Fourth Revelation

“I  am  your  Creator  and  Redeemer.  Why  did  you  fear  and  doubt  my  words? Why did you wonder whether  they  came  from  a  good  or  an  evil  spirit?  Tell  me,  what have  you  found  in  my  words  that  your  conscience  did  not  tell  you  to  do?  Or  have  I ever  commanded you anything against  reason? The  bride  answered:  “No,  all  you  told  me  was  completely  true  and  reasonable and  I  was  badly  mistaken.”  The  Bridegroom,  Jesus,  answered  her:  “I  showed  you  three  things  from  which  you  could  recognize  the  good  spirit:  I  invited  you  to  honor your  God,  who made you and gave you all the good things you have; your reason  also tells  you  to  honor  him  above  all  things.  I  further  invited  you  to  keep  the  true  faith, that  is,  to  believe  that  nothing  has  been  created  without  God  nor  may  be  made without  God.  I  also  invited  you  to  love  reasonable  work  and  continence  in  all  things, for  the  world  was  created  for  man’s  sake,  in  order  that  he  may  use  it  according  to  his reasonable  needs,  and  not  in  excess. In  the  same  way,  you  may  also  recognize  the  unclean  spirit,  the  devil,  from three  opposing  things:  He  tempts  and  advises  you  to  seek  and  desire  your  own praise,  and  to  be  proud  of  the  things  given  you.  He  also  tempts  you  into  unbelief  and intemperance  in  all  your  limbs  and  in  all  things,  and  makes  your  heart  inflamed  by them.  Sometimes  he  also  deceives  men  under  the  guise  of  a  good  spirit.  This  is  why  I commanded  you to always  examine  your  conscience  and  reveal  it  to  spiritual  men  of wisdom! Therefore,  do  not  doubt  that  the  good  spirit  of  God  is  with  you  when  you desire  nothing  but  God  and  are  completely  inflamed  by  him!  Only  I  can  do  this,  and  it is  impossible  for  the  devil  to  come  near  you  then.  He  also  cannot  come  near  to  any evil  man  unless  I  allow  it,  either  because  of  his  sins,  or  some  secret  judgment  that  is known  only  to  me.  For  he  is  my  creature  like  all  other  things  –  he  was  created  good by  me,  but made himself evil  by  his  own  malice  –  therefore,  I  am  Lord  over  him. Therefore,  those  who  accuse  me  do  so  falsely  when  they  say  that  those  who serve  me  with  great  and  godly  devotion  are  insane  and  possessed  by  the  devil.  They consider  me  to  be  like  a  man  who  gives  his  chaste  and  trusting  wife  over  to  adultery. Such  a  one  should  I  be,  if  I  allowed  a  righteous  and  God-loving  man  to  be  handed over  to  the  devil!  But  because  I  am  faithful,  the  devil  will  never  rule  over  the  soul  of any  man  who  devoutly  serves  me.  Although  my  friends  sometimes  seem  to  be insane  or  senseless,  it  is  not  because  the  devil  is  tormenting  them,  or  because  they serve  me  with  fervent  and  godly  devotion.  It  is  rather  because  of  some  defect  or weakness  in  the  brain,  or  some  other  hidden  reason,  which  serves  to  humble  them. It  may  also  happen,  sometimes,  that  the  devil  receives  power  from  me  over  the bodies  of  good  men  for  the  sake  of  their  future  reward,  or  that  he  darkens  their consciences.  But  he  can  never  rule  the  souls  of  those  who  have  faith  in  me  and  who love  me. 

The  loving  words  of  Christ  to His  bride  in  the  wonderful parable  of  a  lovely  castle, which signifies  the  holy  Church militant,  and  about  how  the Church  of  God  will  be rebuilt by the prayers of the glorious Virgin and of the saints. 

Fifth Revelation

“I  am  the  Creator  of  all  things  –  I,  the  King  of  Glory  and  the  Lord  of  Angels!  I built  for  myself  a  lovely  castle  and  placed  my  chosen  men  in  it,  but  my  enemies undermined  the  foundation  and  overpowered  my  friends  so  much  so  that  the marrow  is  violently  forced  out  of  my  friends’  feet  as  they  sit  chained  to  the  wooden stocks.  Their  mouth  is  beaten  by  stones,  and  they  are  tortured  by  hunger  and  thirst. Moreover,  enemies  are  persecuting  their  Lord!  My  friends  are  now  praying  with tears  and  groans  for  help,  and  justice  is  calling  for  vengeance,  but  mercy  says  to forgive. Then  God  said  to  his  heavenly  host  that  stood  around  him:  “What  do  you  think about  these  who  have  conquered  my  castle?”  They  all  answered  as  with  one  voice: “O  Lord,  all  justice  is  in  you,  and  in  you  we  see  all  things.  You  are  without  beginning and  without  end,  the  Son  of  God,  and  all  judgment  is  given  to  you.  You  are  their judge.”  He  answered:  “Although  you  know  and  see  all  things  in  me,  still  for  the  sake of  my  bride  who  stands  here,  tell  me  the  just  sentence.”  They  said:  “This  is  justice: that  those  who  undermined  the  wall  should  be  punished  as  thieves,  that  those  who persist  in  evil  should  be  punished  as  intruders  and  violent  criminals,  and  that  those who are captive  should  be  freed  and  the  hungry  be  filled.” 

Then  Mary,  the  Mother of  God (who until  now had remained silent)  spoke:  

“Oh, my  Lord  and  most  dear  Son,  You  were  in  my  womb  as  true  God  and  man.  By  your grace  you  sanctified  me,  who  was  but  an  earthen  vessel.  I  beg  you,  have  mercy  on them  once  more!”  

Then  the  Lord  answered  His Mother:  

“Blessed  be  the  words  of your  mouth  that  ascend  like  a  sweet  fragrance  to  God.  You  are  the  Queen  and  glory of  angels  and  all  saints  because,  by  you,  God  and  all  the  saints  are  made  happy! Because  your  will  was  as  my  own  from  the  beginning  of  your  youth,  I  will  do  as  you wish  once  more.” Then  He  said  to  the  host  of  saints:  “Because  you  have  fought  manfully,  and  for the  sake  of  your  love,  I  will  let  myself  be  appeased  for  now.  Behold,  I  will  rebuild  my wall  because  of  your  prayers.  I  will  liberate  and  heal  those  who  were  oppressed  by force,  and  honor  them  a  hundredfold  for  the  indignity  they  have  endured.  But  if  the violators  and  wrong-doers  pray  for  my  mercy,  I  will  give  them  peace  and  mercy. However,  those  who  despise  my mercy will  feel  my justice.” Then  he  said  to  his  bride:  “My  bride,  I  have  chosen  you  and  brought  you  into my  Spirit.  You  hear  my  words  and  those  of  my  saints.  Although  the  saints  see  all things  in  me,  nevertheless,  they  have  spoken  for  your  sake  so  that  you  might understand,  since  you,  who  are  still  in  the  flesh,  cannot  see  all  things  in  me  in  the same  way  as  they  who  are  spirits.  I  will  now  also  show  you  what  all  these  things signify. The  castle  I  spoke  about  previously  is  the  Holy  Church  and  the  souls  of Christians,  which  I  built  with  my  own  blood  and  that  of  the  saints.  I  cemented  and joined  it  with  my  love  and  placed  my  friends  and  chosen  men  in  it.  The  foundation  is true  faith,  that  is,  to  believe  that  I  am  a  righteous  and  merciful  judge. Now,  however,  this  foundation  is  undermined  because  all  believe  and  preach that  I  am  merciful,  but  almost  no  one  preaches  or  believes  me  to  be  a  righteous judge.  They  view  me  as  an  unjust  judge!  Unjust  and  unrighteous,  indeed,  would  the judge  be  who,  out  of  mercy,  allowed  the  unrighteous  to  go  unpunished,  so  that  they could  oppress  the  righteous  even  more!  But  I  am  a  righteous  and  merciful  judge;  for I  do  not  let  even  the  least  sin  go  unpunished,  nor  the  least  good  go  unrewarded.  By the  undermining  of  this  wall’s  foundation,  there  entered  into  the  Holy  Church people  who  sin  without  fear,  who  deny  that  I  am  a  righteous  judge,  and  who  torment my friends  as  severely  as  those  who  are  placed  in  the  stocks.  My  friends  have  no  joy or  consolation  given  to  them  but,  instead,  every  kind  of  mockery  and  torment  are inflicted  upon  them  as  if  they  were  possessed  by  the  devil.  When  they  tell  the  truth about  me,  they  are  rejected  and  accused  of  lying.  They  have  a  fervent  desire  to  hear or  speak  the  truth  about  me,  but  there  is  no  one  who  listens  to  them  or  speaks  the truth  to  them.  And  I,  the  Lord  and  Creator  of  all  things,  am  being  blasphemed  and rejected,  for  they  say:  ‘We  do  not  know  if  he  is  God  and,  if  he  is  God,  we  do  not  care!’ They  overthrow  my  banner  and  trample  it  under  their  feet  calling  out:  ‘Why  did  he suffer?  What  benefit  is  it  to  us?  If  he  wants  to  satisfy  our  lust  and  will,  it  is  enough for  us.  He  may  keep  his  kingdom  and  heaven!’  I  want  to  go  into  them,  but  they  say: ‘We  would rather  die  before  giving  up  our  own  will!’ Behold,  my  bride,  what  kind  of  people  they  are!  I  made  them,  and  could destroy  and  damn  them  with  a  word  if  I  wanted  to.  How  bold  and  arrogant  they  are toward  me!  But  because  of  the  prayers  of  my  Mother  and  of  all  the  saints,  I  am  still so  merciful  and  patient  that  I  will  send  them  the  words  of  my  mouth  and  offer  them my  mercy.  If  they  want  to  accept  it,  I  will  be  appeased.  Otherwise,  they  will  come  to know  my  justice  and  be  publicly  humiliated  like  thieves  in  front  of  all  angels  and men,  and  be  judged  by  every  one  of  them.  For  just  as  the  men  who  are  hanged  on gallows  are  devoured  by  ravens,  they  will  also  be  devoured  by  demons,  yet  not  die. Just  as  those  who  are  punished  in  the  stocks  have  no  rest,  they  too,  will  have  pain and  bitterness  all  around  them.  The  most  burning  river  will  flow  into  their  mouths, but  their  bellies  will  not  be  filled,  and  their  punishment  will  be  renewed  each  day. But  my  friends  will  be  redeemed  and  consoled  by  the  words  that  come  from my  mouth.  They  will  see  my  justice  joined  with  my  mercy.  I  will  clothe  them  in  the weapons  of  my  love  and  make  them  so  strong  that  the  adversaries  of  the  faith  will fall  back  like  filth  and  feel  ashamed  for  all  eternity  when  they  see  my  justice.  Yes, they  will  surely  be  ashamed  for  having  abused  my  patience.”


The  words  of  Christ  to  His  bride about  how  His  Spirit  cannot remain with  the unrighteous, and about  the separation  of  the unrighteous  from the  good,  and how good  men,  armed with spiritual  weapons,  are  sent  to war  against  the  world.

Sixth Revelation 

“My  enemies  are  like  the  most  violent  beasts  that  can  never  be  filled  or  have rest.  Their  heart  is  so  empty  of  my  love  that  they  never  allow  the  thought  of  my suffering  into  it;  and  not  once  has  a  word  like  this  been  uttered  by  their  inmost heart:  “O  Lord,  you  have  redeemed  us,  may  you  be  praised  for  your  bitter  suffering!” How  could  my  Spirit  remain  with  the  people  who  have  no  divine  love  for  me,  and who  willingly  betray  others  in  order  to  satisfy  their  own  will?  Their  heart  is  full  of vile  worms,  that  is,  full  of  worldly  desires.  The  devil  has  left  his  filth  in  their  mouths, and  that  is  why my words do not please them. Therefore,  I  will  sever  them  from  my  friends  with  my  saw,  and  just  as  there  is no  more  bitter  way  to  die  than  to  be  sawn  asunder,  so  there  will  not  be  a punishment  in  which  they  will  not  partake.  They  will  be  sawn  in  two  by  the  devil and  separated  from  me!  They  are  so  abhorrent  to  me  that  all  who  cling  to  them  and agree  with  them  will  also  be  severed  from  me. Therefore,  I  send  out  my  friends  in  order  that  they  might  separate  the  devils from  my  members,  for  they  are  truly  my  enemies.  I  send  my  friends  like  knights  to war.  Anyone  who  mortifies  and  subdues  his  flesh  and  abstains  from  forbidden things  is  my  true  knight.  For  their  lance,  they  will  have  the  words  that  I  spoke  with my  own mouth and,  in  their  hands,  the  sword  of  the  true  faith.  Their  breasts  will  be covered  with  the  armor  of  love,  so  that  no  matter  what  happens  to  them,  they  will love  me  no  less.  They  shall  have  the  shield  of  patience  at  their  side,  so  that  they  may suffer  and  endure  all  things  patiently.  I  have  enclosed  them  like  gold  in  a  vessel;  they should  now go forth  and walk in  my ways. According  to  the  ways  of  justice,  I  could  not  enter  into  the  glory  of  majesty without  suffering  tribulation  in  my  human  nature,  so  then,  how  else  will  they  enter into  it?  If  their  Lord  endured  pain  and  suffering,  it  is  not  surprising  that  they  also suffer.  If  their  Lord  endured  beatings  and  torture,  it  is  not  too  much  for  them  to endure  words  and  contradictions.  They  should  not  fear,  for  I  will  never  abandon them.  Just  as  it  is  impossible  for  the  devil  to  touch  and  divide  the  heart  of  God,  so  it is  impossible  for  the  devil  to  separate  them  from  me.  And  since  they  are  like  the purest  gold  in  my  sight,  I  will  never  abandon  them,  even  though  they  are  tested  with a  little  fire,  for  the  fire  is  given  to  them  for  their  greater  reward  and  happiness.”

…to be continued

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