No 10 Of Top 10 Controversial Catholic Popes: Sergius III


Sergius III

Number ten on our list of top ten controversial Catholic Popes is Pope Sergius III. The truth about Sergius III has been lost in the mists of time — he lived more than one millennium ago. But he is believed to have the dubious distinction of being the only Pope to order another Pope’s death: in 904, Antipope Christopher is believed to have been strangled to death on the order of Sergius III — who took control of the papacy that same year. His shady doings didn’t end there. Sergius III is rumored to have dallied with Marozia — the daughter of Theophylactus, a powerful count who helped the Pope expand into more territory — and to have fathered her son. That son, incidentally, went on to become Pope John XI.

No 9: Pope Leo X

No 1. Pope Stephen VI

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