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The Son of God who is the Word of God (Jn. 1/1-5) came into the womb of Holy Mother as Word, and not with His body. Then He did not have participation in the Body and Blood of God the Father. The seed was Word Himself (Lk. 1/28). The Word of God clearly proclaims that the Word of God incarnated, put on flesh (Jn. 1/14, Heb. 2/14). This happened through the faith of Holy Mother that the Word said by God the Father through Gabriel (Lk. 1/28) would incarnate in Her. The Son of God put on flesh, acquired His body in the Womb of Holy Mother. Thus God the Father gave us the atonement of our sins through the blood received through the Faith of Holy Mother (Rom. 3/26). The Son of God – the Word – got participation in the Body and Blood of God the Father, by participating in the Body and Blood of Holy Mary (Heb. 2/14), while the Children of God received this participation through Adam (Act. 17/26). But due to the sin of Adam the body and blood of all the offsprings of Adam got defiled and became slave of death. But Jesus Christ had to have a holy body and so He partook in a Holy Body and Blood, the Body and Blood of Holy Mother.

We are saved from our sins through the offering of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ (1 Jn. 1/8, Is. 53/4-5). Jesus Christ opened the Way to Heaven through the veil, which was His Body (Heb. 10/19-20). If the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ had not been holy, if we did not have participation in the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, none of us would have been saved from our sins. Because, no body and blood that are under the law of death and sin can atone for the sins of men. The offerings should be blemishless in the presence of God. If Holy Mother had been an offspring of Adam, then Her Body and Blood also would have been defiled and under the law of death. Because the Word of God testifies that through one man (Adam) sin and death entered into the world and since all people committed sins, death spread to everyone (Rom. 5/12, 5/17).

All the Children of God were created in Adam (Act. 17/26). Due to the sin of Adam, all human beings are sinners, before they are conceived in their mother’s womb (Ps. 51/5). If Holy Mother had been an offspring of Adam the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ would also have been sinful. But Jesus Christ was sinless and He put on our likeness except in sin.

Immaculate means to be born not of blood or of the will of the flesh or of the will of man, but of God (Jn. 1/13). This is the Noble Birth that the Word of God speaks of (Ws. 83-4). Holy Mother is one who got this noble birth. Most Church scholars hold that in order to give birth to Jesus Christ and due to the qualities of Jesus Christ, God made a concession in the case of Holy Mother. But God cannot do that in the case of the offsprings of Adam. Because, God the Father had created all His children who are to be born on this earth, in Adam. God cannot deny Himself.

Adam was created from soil. That means, all human beings are created from soil. But Holy Mother was born from God the Father before this earth or even the first grain of sand was created (Prov. 8/22-30). The Spirit of Holy Mother is the Spirit of Wisdom. The Word of God describes the characteristics of the Spirit of Wisdom (Ws. 7/23-30). These characteristics do not apply to any human person, who is an offspring of Adam. Instead these characteristics are Divine.

Thus, the whole Bible testifies that Holy Mother is Immaculate!

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