Devout Catholic Celebrities You Never Knew About: Nicholas Sparks


The prolific best-selling author weaves many Christian themes and characters into his writing. Sparks is proud of his faith, declaring in an interview with the Catholic Education Resource Center, “I was raised Catholic, baptized, confirmed, Sunday School, went to Notre Dame, go to confession, go to church weekly. My oldest son is an altar boy. All my children go to the Catholic school. My wife Catherine was raised Catholic. We were married in the Catholic Church.” Nicholas Sparks also generously gives back to his community. He founded a non-denominational private school focused on travel and lifelong learning, donated a brand new running track to the local public high school and volunteered to serve as the track coach. Sparks says he has two favorite saints: St. Anthony, because he frequently loses things, and St. Jude, patron of hopeless causes.

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