Devout Catholic Celebrities You Never Knew About: Martin Sheen


Martin Sheen

Raised by devout Catholic parents who emphasized family rosary nights, Martin Sheen left the church as a young adult and lapsed in his faith. He experienced a reversion in middle age but had to adjust to the post-Vatican II changes in the Church. Sheen is vocally pro-life, especially since his wife was conceived as the result of a rape. He is also very devoted to praying the rosary.

When interviewed but the rosary, he had this to say “I’m very fond of the rosary. It has great meaning in my life. I’ve become known as “The Rosary Dispenser” because I leave rosaries wherever I go. All the vehicles that everyone in my family drives have a blessed rosary on the rearview mirror. Our tour bus has one as well. I wouldn’t leave home without it.”

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