Devout Catholic Celebrities You Never Knew About: Fergie and Josh Duhamel


Fergie and Josh Duhamel

A former drug addict who admitted to sexual “experimentation” in college, Stacy Ann Ferguson, better known as Blackeyed Peas lead singer Fergie, credits God and her faith for getting back on track. Duhamel has had his missteps as well, once posing nude and rumored to have cheated on his wife with a stripper (He has denied the affair but admitted to going to the strip club.). The couple, who were married in a Catholic ceremony, seem to have settled into married life with their son Axl (who was recently baptized in their parish).

They spend Saturday evenings in church, attending the vigil mass.

Fergie adds (in an interview with Us Magazine), ”Then we go out and have a really nice wine, like all good Catholics.”

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