​50 Days With The Holy Spirit (My Greatest Friend): Day 41


“…there he found some disciples and asked them, did you receive the Holy Spirit when you became believers? They answered; we have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit, well, then, Paul asked; what kind of baptism did you receive? The baptism of John they answered. Paul said, the baptism of John was for those who turned from their sins; and he told the people of Israel to believe in the One who was coming after him that is in Jesus. When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. Paul placed his hands on them, and the Holy Spirit came down upon them; they spoke in strange tongues and also proclaim God’s message. They were twelve in number” (Acts 19:1-7).


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​A Reading From A Sermon By Saint Augustine on Ascension of The Lord

No one has ever ascended into heaven except the one who descended from heaven

Today our Lord Jesus Christ ascended into heaven; let our hearts ascend with him. Listen to the words of the Apostle: If you have risen with Christ, set your hearts on the things that are above where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God; seek the things that are above, not the things that are on earth. For just as he remained with us even after his ascension, so we too are already in heaven with him, even though what is promised us has not yet been fulfilled in our bodies.

Christ is now exalted above the heavens, but he still suffers on earth all the pain that we, the members of his body, have to bear. He showed this when he cried out from above: Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me? and when he said: I was hungry and you gave me food.

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Donald Trump’s First Remarkable Visit To Pope Francis.

Pope Francis meets with President Donald Trump in the Apostolic Palace May 24, 2017. Picture Credit: L’Osservatore Romano.

Pope Francis, Trump hold landmark first meeting.

After months of anticipation, Pope Francis and U.S. President Donald Trump finally met at the Vatican Wednesday May 24 in a friendly encounter which included an emphasis on protection of life and freedom of conscience.

According to a May 24 Vatican communique, Pope Francis and Trump expressed satisfaction “for the good existing bilateral relations between the Holy See and the United States of America, as well as the joint commitment in favor of life, and freedom of worship and conscience.”
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​50 Days With The Holy Spirit (My Greatest Friend): Day 40

“These are the people that cause divisions, who are controlled by their natural desires, who do not have the Spirit. But you, my friends, keep on building yourselves up on your most sacred faith. Pray in the power of the Holy Spirit, and keep yourselves in the love of God, as you wait for your Lord Jesus Christ in His mercy to give you eternal life” (Jude 1:19-21).

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Final Decisive Battle: Between The Kingdom Of Christ And Satan Over Marriage And Family – Sr. Lucia. 

(Exclusive) Cardinal Caffarra: “What Sr. Lucia wrote to me is being fulfilled today”
The Fatima visionary told him: “A time will come when the decisive battle between the kingdom of Christ and Satan will be over marriage and the family.”
Sr. Lucia’s prophetic words that “the decisive battle” between the Lord and Satan would be over marriage and the family “is being fulfilled today,” Cardinal Carlo Caffarra has told Aleteia.
The Italian cardinal was speaking on Friday afternoon, May 19, at the fourth annual ‘Rome Life Forum,’ a gathering which brings together over 100 life and family leaders from over 20 nations to discuss how to defend and strengthen marriage and family life around the world.
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​50 Days With The Holy Spirit (My Greatest Friend): Day 39


“They traveled through the region of Phrygia and Galatia because the Holy Spirit did not let them preach the message in the province of Asia. When they reached the boarder of Mysia, they tried to go into the province of Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus did not allow them” (Acts 16:6-7).


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​50 Days With The Holy Spirit (My Greatest Friend): Day 38


“Wisdom is a Spirit that is friendly to people, but She will not forgive anyone who speaks against God, for God knows our feelings and thoughts, and hears our feelings and thoughts, and hears our every word. Since the Lord’s Spirit fills the entire world, and holds everything in it together, She knows every word that people say” (Wisdom 1:6-7).


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